3 Things You Need to Know About Peyronie’s Disease

1. It can happen to any man. Although Peyronie’s disease most commonly affects middle-aged men, it can happen to men as young as 20 and well into the later years of their lives.  Research suggests that between 8-10% of men will experience Peyronie’s in their lifetime. I am sure that this number could be higher […]

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Dr. Perito Performs Five Advanced Surgical Repairs on Implant Patients

Dr. Paul Perito and Perito Urology performed five advanced surgical repairs on penile implant patients experiencing prior complications during a training program titled “Difficult Case Day.” While penile implant surgery has a low rate of infection and complication when performed by a well-trained surgeon, it is sometimes necessary to revise prior surgeries if that patient […]

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New Study Available: Multicenter Investigation of the Micro-Organisms Involved in Penile Prosthesis Infection

February 22, 2017 Now Available On-Line “Multicenter Investigation of the Micro-Organisms Involved in Penile Prosthesis Infection: An Analysis of the Efficacy of the AUA and EAU Guidelines for Penile Prosthesis Prophylaxis” “Doctors Munnariz and Gross mined a data base never before seen.  Their findings will be instrumental in pushing our infection rates to 0%!” – […]

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Perito Urology Hosts Didactic Program and Surgical Lab

January 13, 2017 Perito Urology Hosted 30 Residents, 10 Faculty, and 15 Industry Members for a Didactic Program and Surgical LAB sponsored by Coloplast “Once again the penile implant company, Coloplast, has led the way in teaching new and innovative techniques to our next generation of men’s health experts.  I would like to thank Coloplast […]

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Dr. Perito, Faculty Invitation to the May 2017 AUA Meeting in Boston, MA

December, 2016 Presentation: “The Infrapubic Incision in Penile Prosthesis Surgery: Pearls for Avoiding the common Pitfalls” “After years of little or no attention being directed towards prosthetics in Urology the AUA has formulated a course addressing the changes in reconstructive paradigm. As one of the three faculty invited, I can speak for all of us […]

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Press Releases for PRP and our alliance bringing the novel adjunct for the treatment of ED to Spain with Alessandro Oliver, MD

November 2016 Drs. Perito and Antonini experienced significant news coverage  following their alliance with Dr. Alessandro Oliver to bring the novel adjunct for the treatment of Erectile Dysfunction to Spain – see the articles below:

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